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Civil Engineering in Arlington, VA

Civil engineering covers a wide range of projects, from the design and construction of buildings and new homes to the design of underground utilities and the management of stormwater runoff. In each case, civil engineers work to find the most efficient and effective solutions to the challenges faced by their clients. As such, civil engineering services play an essential role in developing land in a sustainable way to preserve tree canopy coverage and reduce stormwater runoff.

DeMarr Engineering is a civil engineering firm near Arlington, VA focused on projects that require our civil engineering services as soon as a property is acquired or is under contract. We primarily work on projects from beginning to end, so we have more control of the design quality and end result. Our Civil Engineering Plan Packages typically include the following tasks below.

Arlington, VA Civil Engineering Services

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* Our Land Surveying Services are currently only provided as part of our Civil Engineering Plan Services. We do not provide standalone land surveys at this time.


Civil Engineering from Start to Finish

With our combination of engineering and construction services under one roof, we can handle your project from the day your property is acquired to the day of your final occupancy permit.

Our team of highly qualified and experienced civil engineering consultants is second to none. We have worked on a wide range of land development projects, from small residential developments to large-scale commercial and industrial projects. No matter what the project entails, we are confident that we can provide the civil engineering services you need to get the job done right. Together, we can turn your concepts into reality.

DeMarr Engineering specializes in projects including:

  • Design-Build Construction
  • Townhouse Renovations / Additions
  • Single-Family Home Renovations / Additions
  • Home Tear Down & Rebuild
  • Mixed-Use Development
  • Commercial / Industrial Development


As your Civil Engineering Consultant, our designs and guidance are more than just for permit approval. We can help you create projects that will make you and your community proud. 

Are you looking for an experienced civil engineering firm in Arlington to assist with your project? Contact DeMarr Engineering today to get started.