Washington DC’s Oldest Structure

Built in 1766, The Old Stone House at 3051 M Street, NW in Georgetown, DC is the oldest structure in the district that is still standing on its original foundation. “The Old Stone House, part of the Landmark District of Georgetown, is the only surviving pre-Revolutionary building in the Capital. The house stands on its […]

When are Civil Engineering Plans required in Fairfax County?

Silt Fence

Improvements to your residential Fairfax County property will inevitably cause land disturbance during the construction and landscaping process. Depending on how much land you disturb and the category of work your project falls under will determine whether engineering plans and county approval are required. Not obtaining proper plans, permits and approvals will result in costly […]

3D Mapping of Your Site

Traditional black & white surveys can be hard to visualize and have limited use beyond an engineering standpoint. What happens when you need to market your property, monitor the progress of construction, or conduct inspections in difficult to reach areas? That’s where our Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) Services provide the solution. From Aerial Photography, to […]