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Land Development in Loudoun County, VA

Land development is the process of altering existing land to accommodate new construction, which can involve anything from building on vacant land or tearing down an old home to build a new home in its place. Licensed Civil Engineers prepare the site plans for contractors to follow in developing land. The process of land development in Loudoun County often starts with a feasibility study then a topographic survey to capture the location and elevations of existing features to alter and design new features upon.

Land development projects in Loudoun County, VA can be complex undertakings that require the expertise of a licensed professional civil engineer. In addition to designing for functionality and cost, there are government regulations that must be followed for sustainability with regard to preserving tree canopy and reducing water runoff. Civil engineers are trained in land development principles, environmental aspects such as hydrology for water runoff, and can provide invaluable guidance on everything from site selection to land use and construction. In addition, civil engineers are familiar with the various regulations that apply to land development projects and can help prepare the site plans needed for approval and permit.

When planning a land development project, it is important to consult a qualified civil engineer to develop efficient, safe, and practical site plans. Civil Engineers are well-equipped to handle the planning and execution of land development projects.

What Do Land Development Engineers Do?

As land development specialists, the civil engineers at DeMarr help plan residential, commercial, industrial, and mixed-use developments. We work with Property Owners, Developers and Architects to determine the feasibility of a development project during property acquisition, prepare the site plans during the design phase, assistance with permitting, stakeout during the construction phase, and as-built surveying during the final occupancy permit phase. The best Land Development Engineers are able to meet the minimum county environmental requirements while also maximizing the use of a property and blending a new house or building in with the natural topography.

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We Are Land Development Specialists

Land Development

When choosing a civil engineering firm, it is important to consider their experience and qualifications. The smallest details such as gradual driveway slope from the street to garage, a reasonable amount of steps from the front walk to the front porch, and overall grading of a lot are all taken into account. Hiring an engineer solely based on price and meeting permit requirements versus hiring an experienced civil engineering firm can mean the difference from having to deal with a steep vs comfortable driveway slope or too many vs just enough front steps for the next 30 years after a new house is built. Once the construction process is underway, there is no turning back. This is why the design process to be handled by an experienced and quality civil engineering firm is critical to meet the goals you are looking for. 

DeMarr Engineering offers civil engineering from start to finish. We are a Civil Engineering Firm with a parent Site Contracting company making us one of the only true Design-Build land development firms out there.

Our engineers are more hands-on with a wider range of skills than any other typical civil engineering firm. Our Civil Engineers visit almost every single one of their land development project sites in Loudoun County and Northern Virginia before designing and can return to the site for quality control and inspection services. The Civil Engineering profession is more to us than just drafting plans and obtaining permits. We take pride in our work and in the projects we work on. 

It’s our passion and purpose to make society a better place by providing our civil engineering and land consulting services. Starting a new project? Contact DeMarr Engineering’s land development specialists today to get started.