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Property Development in Northern Virginia

Developing property can be a complex undertaking that requires the expertise of a licensed professional engineer. Civil engineers are trained in the principles of property development and can provide invaluable guidance on everything from site selection to construction methods. In addition, civil engineers are familiar with the various regulations that apply to property development in Northern Virginia and can help prepare the site plans needed for approval and permit.

When planning a property development project, it is important to consult with a qualified civil engineer to design and execute efficient, safe, and practical site plans. Civil Engineers are well-equipped to handle the planning and construction of new buildings and infrastructure. 

If you are looking for a property developer in Northern Virginia, DeMarr Engineering has construction experience with our parent company DeMarr Construction dating back to 1989. Our Civil Engineering services focus on projects that require our services as soon as a property is acquired or under contract. We primarily work on projects from the beginning, so we have more control over the design quality and end result.

DeMarr Engineering helps plan residential, commercial, industrial, and mixed-use developments. We help determine the feasibility of a development project and visit the site to uncover any potential issues before a lot is purchased and before jumping into the design process. During this site visit, our engineers take notes and pictures of all existing features along with any anomalies to confirm if the land can support the planned development.

Our featured projects include many successful real estate/property development projects.
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Property Development Process

Developing property is an involved process that requires a lot of coordination. In general, it involves land development, which is the process of altering the use of land to accommodate new construction projects. This can involve anything from tearing down and rebuilding new homes or renovating an existing building. Licensed Civil Engineers help develop the land so it is suitable for the planned build. This process often starts with a site analysis, taking into account variables such as topography, zoning, and environmental factors.

Once the site has been assessed, our civil engineers work on developing a site plan that will allow the project to move forward. This plan details the proposed development, including the location of new buildings, roads, and drainage plans. Once the site plan is approved and permitted, construction can begin. Property development is a complex process, but one that can ultimately lead to beautiful and functional buildings that serve the needs of their community.

However, even after a project is completed, the work of a property developer is not done. If they retain ownership, they must also monitor the performance of their developments and make any necessary changes or repairs. Property development is an ongoing process that requires careful planning and constant quality control. DeMarr Engineering provides on-site construction support and inspection services.

Looking for an experienced civil engineering firm to assist with your property development project? Contact DeMarr Engineering today to get started.