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Obtaining the Proper Plans, Permits, and Approvals

Knowing what type of Plans, Permits, and Approvals will be needed for your construction project can be a confusing process. Whether you are working in Washington, DC or Northern Virginia, DeMarr Engineering is here to help you navigate through the process. We recommend you contact us as soon as you decide to develop your property. Below is the simplest explanation we can give of the permitting process. 

Residential Building Permit

This permit is to confirm whatever you plan to build meets International and State Building Code requirements. Since your Architect and/or Builder handles the design and interior layout of your addition or new home, either your Architect or Builder will handle obtaining the Building Permit for you.

Land Disturbing Activity / Stormwater Permit

Once you decide what type of addition or new home you want to build, our civil engineering team will handle designing the Site Plans and Land Disturbance Permit associated with the new structure. From designing the proposed house placement on the lot, to designing the slope of your driveway and yard, utility connection locations, stormwater management, tree conservation and planting, there are a lot of exterior land development requirements to meet on both the State and Local levels. Our Civil Engineers handle this process from the initial Topographic Survey to design and submitting the plans for permit approval. Once our Land Disturbance Permit is approved, your builder will then be able to obtain their Building Permit.

land disturbing activity/stormwater permit

Demolition Permit

This permit is to demolish any existing structures on your property before construction of your new home or addition. The Demolition Permit requires disconnection letters and final utility bills for all the utility connections to your property (Sewer, Water, Gas, Electric). This is the decision point of when you will need to move out of your house in order to pull this permit as all the utilities to your home will be disconnected at this point. Either the Builder, Site/Demolition Contractor, or Permit Runner will obtain the Demolition Permit for you. We can advise on an hourly fee basis, if necessary.

demolition permit

Right of Way / Public Space Permit

If your project is in Washington, DC this permit will need to be obtained from DDOT. In Northern Virginia, VDOT will be the permitting jurisdiction. In either case, these types of Public Land Use Permits are to request permission to excavate for utility connections or construction in public space. Typically your driveway entrance, sidewalk, and utility connections will be outside your front property line, in public Right of Way land, and therefore require land use permission for this type of work. Either your Permit Runner, Contractor, or Builder will handle this Public Space Permit for you. We can provide permit assistance on an hourly basis, if necessary.

public space permit

If you are planning to build a new addition or home in Northern Virginia or Washington, DC, please contact us for a quote on your next Land Development project.

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