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Site & Grading Plans

Land Development Projects in DC & Northern VA

Comprehensive Site Planning Services

At DeMarr Engineering, we provide top-tier site planning services in DC and Northern Virginia for both commercial and residential construction projects. From the initial site layout plan to detailed grading plans, DeMarr Engineering prepares the site plan drawings to turn your vision into a reality.

Site & Grading Plans

What Is a Site Plan?

A site plan, sometimes referred to as a plot plan, is a detailed drawing that shows the existing layout of your property and any proposed improvements. It analyzes important features like the location of buildings, driveways, walkways, existing utilities, zoning, and topography. A detailed and accurate site plan drawing helps ensure that your construction project complies with local regulations and is designed safely and efficiently. Site planning also reduces the risk of costly setbacks during construction.

Do I Need a Site Plan?

Depending on the estimated land disturbance of your construction project, you will likely need our civil engineering services. Complete land development projects covering the entire property will of course require our services, but small projects may or may not require us to help with the plans and permitting. Our experienced team of civil engineers will help determine what plans and permits are required so that your project will be in compliance with state and local laws.

As a general rule of thumb, you will need a Site Plan if the project is going to disturb more than 2,500 Square Feet of land in Northern Virginia (Arlington County & Fairfax County) or more than 50 Square Feet in Washington DC.

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DeMarr Site/Grading/E&S Design Plans

Construction Planning in DC & VA

Transforming a piece of land into a functional residential or commercial development requires detailed civil engineering site designs. Our site development experts confirm if your land can accommodate new construction by designing comprehensive site plans, land surveys, feasibility studies, and more. With our thorough construction planning services, clients can anticipate and address potential site challenges.

Before you break ground on a new construction project, consult the seasoned civil engineers at DeMarr Engineering. Contact us today for a site plan estimate.

The Importance of Site Plan Architecture

Civil Engineering Plans and Architectural Plans are much more than just drawings. These plans can have huge implications during construction. Therefore, it is important to hire a Licensed Civil Engineer that knows construction, not just the permitting process. Thinking of civil engineering plans as just a means for obtaining a permit will only cause you more problems during the construction phase of the project.

Stakeholders and architects can rely on a site analysis to confirm zoning codes, building codes, soil conditions, and more. During all phases of construction, clear communication from all parties is essential to minimize delays and project missteps.

By addressing potential issues early in the planning stage, we reduce the risk of unexpected problems during construction. A well-designed site plan enhances the overall value of your project by optimizing land use and ensuring a cohesive, functional layout, which leads to better marketability and higher returns on investment. As a design-build contractor in Arlington, VA, we streamline the planning process, helping you move from concept to construction efficiently.

Commercial Site Planning

Building a commercial facility or mixed-use development is no small feat. Their scale demands meticulous site planning to ensure the building integrates seamlessly with the plot of land. The site & grading plans show the area’s weight capacity, stormwater management capabilities, landscape design, and traffic flow patterns. Our licensed civil engineers leave no stone unturned to minimize any setbacks during construction.

mixed-use development
Single-Family Home Tear Down & Rebuild

Residential Site Planning

While their scale may differ from commercial buildings, residential real estate development projects still demand detailed site & grading plans. From single-family home teardowns and rebuilds to additions and renovations, we develop site plan drawings that are for more than just permit approval.

  • Property Boundaries & Neighboring Plots: Meticulous review to prevent costly setbacks during demolition and construction.
  • Foundation & Drainage Issues: Ensuring the long-term feasibility and stability of new homes or additions.
  • Shared Walls, Underground Utilities, & HOAs: When site planning for a townhouse renovation, these aspects are especially important to avoid damage and ensure compliance.

Get Started with DeMarr Engineering

Most proposed land improvement projects begin with civil engineering plans. Whether it’s a new build, renovation, or custom home addition, our thorough site planning minimizes delays and ensures your project adheres to local guidelines.

Before you start your next construction project, contact us for a site & grading plan estimate today!