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Site Development in Washington, DC

Site development refers to the process of preparing a site for construction. To build on new land, the site is expected to be adequately prepared for construction. Our team at DeMarr Engineering specializes in site development in Washington DC and can help with your project from start to finish.

Completing a construction project is not an easy endeavor. However, hiring an experienced civil engineering firm can make the process much easier. DeMarr Engineering has a team of licensed professional engineers that will help you obtain all the required permits and limit the project’s environmental impact.

Why is Site Development Important?

The site development process is critical to the success of any construction project. This stage of pre-construction can prevent problems from arising later during development. Jumping into a construction project without proper site development planning can result in significant financial and legal risks. Overall, site development minimizes possible mistakes and delays that can lead to costly reworks.

The Construction Site Development Process

site development


The time it takes to complete the site development process depends on the type and size of the project. However, you can usually expect a typical home build project to take 4-6 months for planning and permitting and 10-12 months for building the new home.. Once the site is developed and plans are approved, construction can begin. Read about the general site-related plan approval process for Fairfax County on our blog.

As a Civil Engineering Firm with a parent Site Contracting company, DeMarr Engineering is one of the only true Design-Build land development firms out there. With this combination of engineering and construction services under one roof, we can handle your project from the day your property is acquired to the day of your final occupancy permit.

Questions about the site development process? DeMarr Engineering can help, contact us today!