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Civil Engineering Consultant in Annandale, VA

DeMarr Engineering is a Civil Engineering Consultant in Annandale, VA with a parent Site Contracting company making us one of the only true Design-Build land development firms out there. 

When it comes to land development, a civil engineering consultant can be a valuable asset. These professionals can provide landowners with the necessary expertise and guidance to help develop their property safely and efficiently. As a result, working with a civil engineering consulting firm can help to make the development process smoother and more successful.


What Do Civil Engineering Consultants Do?

A civil engineering consultant is a professional who advises land developers and civil engineers on the best way to develop the land. This can involve anything from choosing the right location for new development to selecting the best materials and construction methods. A land consultant also has experience with the approval process and can make sure that all the necessary permits are in place before construction begins.

Professional Engineers are equipped with the knowledge and experience to be able to provide innovative solutions for a variety of projects. They will complete site surveys, feasibility studies, and several other environmental precautions.

At DeMarr Engineering, this role involves a mix of office and fieldwork. Our licensed professional engineers offer a variety of civil engineering services including site & grading design, land use, and zoning research, plan submittals, stormwater management systems design, and erosion and sediment control design. Their roles and responsibilities also include:

  • Site Design
  • Project Management
  • Construction Stakeout & As-builts
  • Preparing Documentation and Reports
  • Periodic Site Visits

In short, an engineering consultant is responsible for providing engineering advice and technical solutions for projects.

DeMarr Engineering, Your Land Consultant

The Civil Engineering profession is more to us than just drafting plans and obtaining permits. We take pride in our work and in the projects we work on. It’s our passion and purpose to make society a better place by providing our civil engineering consulting services. 

As a Civil Engineering Firm with a parent Site Contracting company, DeMarr Engineering is one of the only true Design-Build land development firms in Annandale. With this combination of engineering and construction services under one roof, we can handle your project from the day your property is acquired to the day of your final occupancy permit.

Contact DeMarr Engineering to learn more about our civil engineering consulting services in Annandale, VA. DeMarr Engineering is also currently seeking civil engineers of all experience levels. Learn more about our engineering career opportunities.