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Civil Engineers On-Site in NW DC

When developing property or renovating a building in Washington, DC, you will most likely need some type of Site Plan for your project. Whether it is a DC Water Plan to upgrade your water and sewer connections or a Site Plan for a building addition, you will need a DC Civil Engineer to prepare those plans.

In order to prepare these plans, a Washington DC Civil Engineering Firm will need to send a survey crew to the site to collect the Existing Conditions data, so their Civil Engineers can use that survey data to produce their engineering drawings.

Since Land Surveying and Civil Engineering are two different specialized professions. Most Washington DC Civil Engineering Firms keep their Land Surveyors in the field and their Civil Engineers stay in the office; which is good for efficiency, but bad for communication. When there isn’t any overlap in these services, there is a greater risk for miscommunication and missing data. This missing data can result in unexpected delays and/or damages during construction.

Our Civil Engineers visit each and every one of their project sites in Washington DC before designing. When beginning a new project, such as these two new projects in Columbia Heights DC (pictures below), our engineers walk the block and site before our surveyors arrive. During this site visit, our engineers take notes and pictures of all existing features as well as anything out of the ordinary. This information is then communicated directly to our survey crew with specific instructions on exactly what data our engineers need to obtain.

Our DC Civil Engineers will be back again to these sites to physically assist our survey crew for extra quality control. Stay tuned…

A DEMARR DC Civil Engineer taking notes of existing features on our project building.


A DEMARR DC Civil Engineer identifying the existing water service size and material.


A DEMARR DC Civil Engineer walking the back alley of the site and visually scanning the area for any anomalies.

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