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Design-Build Construction Great Falls

DeMarr Engineering offers design-build construction services in Great Falls, VA that allow us to handle your project from start to finish. DeMarr Engineering is a Civil Engineering Firm with a parent Site Contracting company making us one of the only true Design-Build land development firms out there.

We are more than just a plan production firm; DeMarr Engineering is backed by industry-proven experience from DeMarr Construction, a Class A Heavy Highway Contractor Since 1989. This background gives our firm a unique design perspective on developing practical and effective site plans for contractors to follow.

With this combination of engineering and construction services under one roof, we can handle your project from the day your property is acquired to the day of your final occupancy permit.

What is Design-Build Construction?

Design-build is a project delivery method that replaces the traditional method of awarding separate contracts for design and construction. With this design-build method, the contractor, designers, subcontractors, and owner work together as one team to build a project. Hence, one entity takes sole responsibility for both the design and construction of a project.

In many construction projects, a design-bid-build method is used. This is when one company is hired to design the project, and several construction companies bid on the project until one is hired to build it. However, there are many disadvantages to this method of project management, including a lack of communication and longer delivery times.

Advantages of Design-Build Construction:

Mixed-Use Development

Our Design-Build Construction services in Great Falls are focused on projects that require our services as soon as a property is acquired or under contract. We primarily work on projects from the beginning, so we have more control over the design quality and end result. If you are looking for an experienced design-build construction company in Great Falls, contact DeMarr Engineering & Construction today.