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Annandale Civil Engineering Services

Civil Engineering

DeMarr Engineering provides civil engineering services, including feasibility studies, site plans, and home renovations. Our professional civil engineers will handle your project in Annandale, VA from start to finish.

Licensed Professional Engineer

DeMarr Engineering’s team of licensed professional engineers in Annandale, VA will help determine project feasibility and prepare site plans for proposed land development.

Land Development

At DeMarr Engineering, we are land development specialists. Our professional civil engineers will check the feasibility of your site in Annandale, VA and prepare the site plans needed for approval and permit.

Design-Build Construction

DeMarr Engineering offers design-build construction services that allow us to handle your project from start to finish. With a parent Site Contracting company, we are one of the only true Design-Build land development firms in Annandale, VA.

Property Development

Our team of experienced civil engineers at DeMarr Engineering help with property development in Annandale, VA including planning residential, commercial, industrial, and mixed-use developments.

Civil Engineering Firm

DeMarr Engineering is an experienced design-build civil engineering firm in Annandale, VA that specializes in land development, construction support, and land surveying.

Site Development

DeMarr Engineering’s team of licensed professional civil engineers specializes in site development in Annandale, VA and can prepare the necessary site and stormwater plans for permit.

Civil Engineering Consultant

DeMarr Engineering is a civil engineering consultant in Annandale, VA. We can help with proposed land development, construction support, home additions, and more.

Home Tear Down & Rebuild

There are several factors to consider when deciding if a home tear down and rebuild is right for you. DeMarr Engineering offers property development consulting services to all of Annandale, VA.

Stormwater Regulations

Stormwater regulations are a critical aspect of every construction project in Annandale, VA. DeMarr Engineering can provide the necessary expertise to develop efficient and practical site plans that meet all requirements.