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Feasibility Studies

Land Development Projects in DC & Northern VA

Feasibility Study Overview

Feasibility studies are the first step towards a successful commercial or residential construction project. While some projects may not require them, these studies assess and examine each project’s viability by exposing its potential challenges and inherent risks, aiding in informed decision-making.

Before you purchase a property or start on a new project, our Licensed Professional Engineers will answer questions about building setbacks, total buildable area, floodplain concerns, zoning regulations, etc. These studies create a realistic starting point for your project’s budget, timeline, and expectations. The purpose of the feasibility analysis is to give you information to decide if you are comfortable proceeding with a property purchase and/or land development project.

Feasibility Studies

Our Approach to Land Feasibility Studies

Our feasibility studies can be comprehensive covering the typical areas of concern for a normal home tear down and rebuild project, or they can be specific focusing on one area of concern such as access for a potential multi-lot subdivision or a simple subdivision of one lot into two. Whether completing comprehensive studies or researching zoning questions, we tailor our work to your construction project’s demands, saving you time, money, and stress.

With our feasibility study service, our civil engineers will search for zoning and environmental constraints on your property based on available maps and information. This research will be compiled into a single PDF report with a 1-2 page written summary by a licensed professional civil engineer, a zoning setback/buildable area sketch, and a copy of all research documents. These findings summarized with our professional opinion will help answer your questions of whether your real estate project is worth pursuing or not.

Either our feasibility report will reinforce your confidence for proceeding on a land development project or we may find some risk tied to the property that you are not comfortable with. In either case, by investing in a feasibility study, you can minimize your exposure to future project costs by finding out answers earlier in the process. This could mean being able to back out of a real estate contract during the study period. If you already own the property, this feasibility study can highlight project risks before jumping into the costs of the surveying and engineering design phase of work.

Residential Feasibility Studies

New Home Construction

Although building your dream home (on vacant land or tear-down & rebuild) is exciting, feasibility is critical. For example, local zoning regulations will dictate maximum house size, repurposing an existing property’s land use (if it’s allowed by-right or not), and more. Furthermore, preliminary environmental impact assessments will determine whether mapped Resource Protection Areas (RPA) and FEMA Floodplains may impact buildable areas.

If you are planning to build a new home in Northern Virginia or Washington DC, you will likely need a feasibility study. This in-depth feasibility evaluation assesses your project’s development potential and risks/challenges. Reduce costly surprises during new home construction with DeMarr’s feasibility study services.

Single-Family Home Tear Down & Rebuild
Townhouse Additions

Home Renovations & Additions

Renovating your home is a great way to add functionality and value. Just like new home construction, existing home renovations and additions also face technical and regulatory land development constraints. For a comprehensive examination of such limitations, a feasibility study and analysis are likely necessary.

Feasibility studies for home renovations can examine if a land disturbance permit is required or not and can also ensure that proposed additions adhere to setback lines. Moreover, they can also assess hurdles such as tree preservation and drainage impacts. This comprehensive approach ensures your plans are livable, legal, and environmentally responsible.

Commercial Feasibility Studies

Building Renovations

Commercial building and office renovations, though exciting, pose many feasibility challenges. For example, alterations can trigger new building code regulations or require stormwater management. Additionally, code compliance (including land disturbance, stormwater regulations, utility upgrades, and accessibility standards) is paramount during commercial building renovations in DC and Northern VA. Although these challenges seem daunting, a commercial building feasibility study can reveal potential setbacks before they occur.

building demolition
mixed-use development

Mixed-Use Developments

Feasibility studies are the lifeline of any mixed-use development project, especially those in the Washington, DC, area. They closely assess zoning implications, land use, and site plan requirements for permitting.

Maximize the success of your mixed-use project by conducting a comprehensive feasibility plan before purchasing the lot or before construction begins.

Land Restoration & Historical Preservation Projects

Historical preservation projects demand meticulous attention to local guidelines and environmental concerns. Having worked on preservation projects spanning over 100 acres, DeMarr Engineering recognizes the importance of historical preservation efforts. Our land development specialists can bring your ideas to fruition in an environmentally sustainable way, starting with a feasibility study. Our feasibility report can help verify that planned alterations respect the property’s environment and history while following updated building codes such as emergency vehicle access to the property.

Aerial Survey of Heigh Torr

Why Choose DeMarr Engineering?

Expertise and Experience

As your Civil Engineering Consultant, our designs and guidance are more than just for permit approval. We can help you create projects that you and your community will be proud of. Our team has a long history of satisfied clients and a hands-on approach to sustainable land development.

Our feasibility study services provide the tools to make wise commercial and residential property development decisions. From initial land development assessments to permits and planning, the experts at DeMarr Engineering can help. Our civil engineering service packages include land surveying, detailed site plans, stormwater management plans, sediment and traffic control plans, and more. From start to finish, our team can handle your residential home or commercial building project swiftly, efficiently, and honestly.

Get Started

If you are looking at purchasing a property, or thinking about starting a land development project on a property you already own, you may want to talk to us about a Feasibility Study. Please contact us and we will email or call you back to discuss if a Feasibility Study is needed. If you already know you need a Feasibility Study, we can give you a quote to get started.

If you would like to learn more about the feasibility of your project, read our blog, Is Your Lot Buildable? – The Importance of Feasibility Studies, or contact us today.